27 - 29 September 2024

Co-hosted with Sequoia Capital, Europe100 is our most intimate retreat-style event, bringing together a carefully curated selection of Europe’s top founders by invitation only. We aim to shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurial journey and provide an open and supportive forum for talent visionaries, each uniquely poised to make a difference.

Set against Europe’s most picturesque locations, we inspire meaningful conversations, connections, and ideas tackling topics from high-impact team cultures, top-performing exec teams, and founder mental health, to climate innovations, artificial intelligence, and longevity. Together, we pride ourselves on tapping into the tech-fuelled innovation economy that now rivals that of Silicon Valley.

“Europe100 was truly exceptional and incredibly inspiring. I've never experienced anything quite like it in my life. The sense of community was remarkable. It is truly an art to create such an atmosphere for a lot of people who barely know each other and help them form meaningful connections within just 48 hours. Events like these help us build a community and work toward creating more global tech champions from Europe. ”
  • Tom Krüger, Co-founder & CEO, CarOnSale

Abakar Saidov (Beamery), Alex Bouaziz (Deel), Alex Mahon (Channel 4), Alexandre Prot (Qonto), Alexandre Yazdi (Voodoo), Ambar Sur (TerraPay), Dr Amy Killen (Human Optimization Project), Andre Loesekrug-Pietri (JEDI Foundation), Andrey Khusid (Miro), Andy Price (Artisanal Talent), Andy Yen (Proton), Angie Ma (Faculty), Anne Wojcicki (23andMe), Ante Spittler (Moss), Arthur Waller (Pennylane), Bob van Luijt (Weaviate), Carl Pei (Nothing), Christian Hecker (Trade Republic), Claire Novorol (Ada Health), Clara Gold (Ava), Daniel Dines (UiPath), Daniel Nathrath (Ada Health), David Allemann (On), David Helgason (Transition), David Hsu (Retool), Davor Tremac (Fonoa Technologies), Dev Ittycheria (MongoDB), Diego Piacentini (View Different), Dirk Hoerig (Commercetools), Eduardo Pontes (Teya), Eleonore Crespo (Pigment), Emad Mostaque (Stability AI), Emma Watson (Renais), Emil Eifrem (Neo4j), Erin Platts (HSBC Innovation Banking), Felix Ohswald (GoStudent), Fredrik Haga (Dune), Fredrik Hjelm (Voi Technology), Gabriel Hubert (Dust), Guy Podjarny (Snyk), Hakan Koc (AUTO1 Group), Hovhannes Avoyan (PicsArt), Ian Stuart (HSBC), Iain Mackie (Malt AI), Ilkka Paananen (Supercell), Jack Hidary (SandboxAQ), Jack Zhang (Airwallex), Jakob Uszkoreit (Inceptive), Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase), Jan Goetz (IQM Quantum Computers), Jim McKelvey (Invisibly), Joel Hellermark (Sana), Johannes Reck (GetYourGuide), Johannes Schildt (KRY), John Elkann (Exor NV), Jordi Romero (Factorial), Julia Hartz (Eventbrite), Julian Teicke (wefox)

Katherine Ryder (Maven Clinic), Kathleen Breitman (Coase), Kevin Hartz (Eventbrite), Kevin Ryan (AlleyCorp), Lindsey McInerney (Black Sun Labs), Madhumita Murgia (Financial Times), Markus Villig (Bolt), Martha Lane Fox (British Chambers of Commerce), Mati Staniszewski (ElevenLabs), Maud Caillaux (Green-Got), May Habib (Writer), Michael Acton Smith (Calm), Michael Cassau (Grover), Miki Kuusi (Wolt), Miroslava Duma (PANGAIA, Future Tech Lab), Nadine Hachach-Haram (Proximie), Navid Hadzaad (Zapp), Nazim Salur (Getir), Niklas Ostberg (Delivery Hero), Nina Siemiatkowski (Milkywire), Noam Brown (OpenAI), Oliver Merkel (Flink), Olivier Gaudin (SonarSource), Oskari Saarenmaa (Aiven), Osnat Michaeli (INFARM), Pascal Gauthier (Ledger), Pascal Weinberger (Bardeen), Paul Taylor (Thought Machine), Peter Dahlstrom (McKinsey & Company), Péter Fankhauser (ANYbotics), Philippe Sahli (Yokoy Group), Raffaello D’Andrea (Verity), Ragnar Sass (Salto X), Renate Nyborg (Meeno), Riccardo Zacconi (King), Sir Richard Moore (MI6), Robert Gentz (Zalando), Robert Vis (MessageBird), Roman Hölzl (Robco), Rosemary Leith Berners-Lee (Proton), Ross Mason (Dig Ventures), Scott Belsky (Adobe), Sebastian Siemiatkowski (Klarna), Simon Kreuz (Shippo), Sofia Nunes (Mambu), Stefan Von Holtzbrinck (Holtzbrinck Publishing Group), Tamas Kadar (SEON), Thomas Plantenga (Vinted), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Inrupt), Tim Sadler (Tessian), Tom Krüger (CarOnSale), Tom Leathes (Motorway), Tom Okman (Nord Security), Torsten Reil (Helsing), TS Anil (Monzo), William Shu (Deliveroo), Yoko Spirig (Ledgy)

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