Founders Forum ClimateTech

Founders Forum ClimateTech
Technology is the key to Net Zero by 2050

The Challenge

The world has 10 years to halve global greenhouse gas emissions to avoid global warming above 1.5 celcius. Technology is the key to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and ClimateTech is the global platform which brings together the innovators, VC’s and corporate partners to make it happen.

The Technology

Climate Technology is regarded as the new frontier for venture capital: as well as innovation in energy and agriculture, innovation in finance is required. Blended finance – combining public and private sector – sits alongside a renewed global industrial plan to fund the new technology necessary.

June marks the inaugural Founders Forum ClimateTech.

The ClimateTech Summit will take centre stage at London Tech Week 2021.

ClimateTech will also feature at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 Summit

"ClimateTech signifies the launch of a new platform: a dynamic global community of innovators, venture capital, corporate partners, academia, and government that will define the way to net-zero."
our advisory board

Martha Lane Fox

Peer, House of Lords & Chair, WeTransfer

Andrew Griffith MP

Net Zero Champion, UK Government

Jim Mellon

Chairman, Burnbrae Group

Jeremy Coller

Chairman & CIO, Coller Capital

Gunhild Stordalen

Founder, EAT Foundation

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Chair, European Climate Foundation

Are you working on a solution to climate change, or do you know a founder working on a business with world-changing potential? We want to hear from you and discuss how we can involve you at the FF Climate Tech Summit.
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Stephen Murphy

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