Advising Founders

Supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journeys means delivering best-in-class professional services that put founders first. From executive search and legal counsel, to creative services, we’ve built an expert team to equip you and your business as you develop, launch, and scale your next big idea.

Top Talent For
Trailblazing Scaleups

Our executive search firm, Founders Keepers, are the talent experts in digital and tech leadership, helping the world’s most ambitious high-growth companies hire their most impactful senior talent.

Based in London and Berlin, they’re passionate about bringing diverse voices to the table, making the digital C-Suite more equitable. Since 2021, 63% of their senior appointments have come from ethnic minority backgrounds or don’t identify as men.

Laying Down the Law

Our full-service law firm provides frictionless, relationship-driven legal support to high-growth scaleups from seed through to exit. 

The Founders Law team brings decades of experience helping disruptive startups and VC-backed businesses develop, launch, and protect pioneering products across an evolving spectrum of new and exciting technologies.

Leave this team with the legals, while you and your business go out and change the world.

Standing Out,
For All The Right Reasons

Our creative allies at Founders Makers have a track record of challenging the status quo and creating memorable, stand-out work for brands both big and small.

Leveraging creativity to fuel entrepreneurial innovation, Founders Makers works across high-impact strategies, evocative brand identities, unmissable campaigns, and cut-through content with Europe’s leading challengers, scaleups and major brands.

Room to Grow

There’s more where this came from – and it starts with you. If you’re looking to develop a new or existing business to power entrepreneurs, we want to hear from you!

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