Skills for Founders

Your future, founded here.

We believe in lifelong learning and are proud to deliver training and upskilling programmes that make entrepreneurship and careers in technology accessible to everyone, whilst equipping founders and their growing scaleups with best-in-class talent.

Coding Growth

01 Founders is our tuition-free coding school, producing world-class, full-stack software engineers via gamified, peer-to-peer learning at our London campus. 

Our unique two-year programme lands students a guaranteed job at the end, with a minimum salary of £40,000, and brings cutting-edge businesses a steady pipeline of leading software talent.

“For too long, the world of education has been dominated by masters, geniuses, and professors who have often inadvertently stifled creative thinking. 01 Founders, by removing this stodgy layer of hierarchy, has the potential to truly liberate learning. ”
  • Thomas Heatherwick, Heatherwick Studios