Founders for Good

We’re on a mission to power positive societal impact through the entrepreneurial innovation we enable and we pride ourselves on helping founders make the world a better place. From not-for-profit events and incubator programmes to helpful research and philanthropic advisory, we prioritise giving back and help our founders do the same.

Championing Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurs is the UK’s leading entrepreneurship foundation. From its comprehensive directory of accelerators and incubators, to its zero-equity leadership programme for refugee founders, CFE’s work makes entrepreneurship more accessible to more communities and more diverse, ultimately creating a stronger startup ecosystem and a stronger economy overall.

We’re proud to partner with CFE to empower founders from all backgrounds and to engage and educate both policymakers and the public on how we can champion entrepreneurship for the greater good.

Paying it Forward

Born out of Founders Forum, Founders Pledge is a community of founders, investors, and VCs committed to doing good. On joining, every member makes a legally binding pledge to commit a chosen portion of their personal wealth to charity. Founders Pledge then helps them understand and elevate their social impact, offering bespoke philanthropic strategies based on the latest sector evidence.

Total Pledged: $9.32 billion

Total Donated: $848.1 million

“Philanthropy is hugely important to me, but given the limited number of hours in the day, the ability to call on the experts at Founders Pledge is vital. Their personalised advice grounded in impact and the opportunities to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs has been crucial in shaping how I think and act on my giving. ”
  • Taavet Hinrikus, Wise