Founders Longevity Forum

10-11 June 2024

Founders Longevity Forum is designed to bring together the brightest minds – founders and CEOs, venture capitalists (VCs), corporate venture capitalists (CVCs), family offices, and global thought leaders – to illuminate the most promising scientific, commercial, and investment avenues within the longevity sector and to connect best-in-class longevity tech founders with investors who are keen to support and supercharge innovation in this space.

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Happening against the lively backdrop of London Tech Week, Founders Longevity Forum will take place at Olympia London on 10-11 June 2024. If you’re interested in attending, follow the link below.

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Our Advisory Board

Phil Newman

Founder and CEO Longevity.Technology

Eric Verdin

Managing Director, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Andrea Maier

Founder, Chi Longevity and National University of Singapore

Aubrey de Grey

President and CSO, LEV Foundation

Jim Mellon

Deputy Chairman & Co-Founder, Juvenescence

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Our Speakers

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