Founders Forum HealthTech

Founders Forum HealthTech


Founders Forum HealthTech Summit is dedicated to bringing together the world’s most celebrated scientists, doctors, medtech entrepreneurs, policymakers and senior executives from the healthcare industry. Healthtech Summit provides a platform to drive meaningful conversation on the impact of new breakthrough technologies, and opportunities to transform healthcare systems and patient outcomes in the future.

Founders Forum HealthTech is an official anchor event of London Tech Week. Co-hosted with the NHS for the 7th consecutive year, the HealthTech Summit focuses on tackling era-defining questions, providing guests with opportunities to engage in open discussions, debates, and brainstorming sessions to transform healthcare systems, patient outcomes not only to highlight, but to accelerate the positive impact technology can have for the global ecosystem. A key objective is to support the next generation of healthtech entrepreneurs.

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The Healthtech Summit is co-hosted with the NHS for the 7th consecutive year, and features as an anchor event of London Tech Week.

Key Themes & Topics

  • AI & the Healthcare Revolution: How AI technologies will make for better outcomes, a better path to health, or a better way to care
  • Sustainable Healthcare: The effect of climate on our health & wellbeing
  • Remote Monitoring & Patient Care: what’s in store for the next 10 years of innovation?
  • Diversity & Inclusivity in Healthcare 
  • Maintaining the Rise of HealthTech in a post-covid era 
"In 50 years we’ll be in a world where patients are responsible for their own healthcare, and own their data – the consultant doctor will only consult."
our advisory board

Indra Joshi

Director of AI for NHSX

Nicola Blackwood

Chair of Genomics England

Patrick Mitchell

Director of Innovation, Health Education England

James Freed

Chief Information Officer, Health Education England

Align your brand with the companies at the cutting edge of innovation in health technology and help to highlight and accelerate the positive impact healthtech can have on the global ecosystem.
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