FF Rising Stars: Flo Crivello, Lindy

By Marco De Novellis // 27 September 2023

Flo Crivello, Founder and CEO of Lindy, pitching as one of Founders Forum’s Rising Stars for 2023.
Flo Crivello, Founder and CEO of Lindy, pitching as one of Founders Forum’s Rising Stars for 2023.

With Lindy, Flo Crivello is building a new AI personal assistant, tailored to you. See our FF Rising Stars of 2023!

Flo Crivello’s Lindy is an AI personal assistant helping you with your daily work tasks, from calendaring to emailing to meeting note taking.

Lindy has raised $50m to date, with investment from Menlo, Coatue, and Instacart’s Max Mullen, among others.

Before founding Lindy, Flo was a product manager at Uber and started his own virtual office company, Teamflow.

Founded: Jan 2023
Country: USA
No. of employees: 21
Stage: Series A
Total funding raised: $50m
Investors Include: Menlo, Battery, Coatue, Tiger, Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, Addition, Emil Michael, Jack Altman (Lattice), Joe Thomas (Loom), Max Mullen (Instacart)

Why did you decide to start Lindy?

Because this is the most exciting, ambitious, boldest idea I could think of. We want to be to OpenAI as Apple was to Intel — running the extra mile to help AI models change people’s lives. 

What do you want to achieve?

We want to create an AI employee. In 10 to 20 years, these products should be sophisticated enough that we’ll start seeing fully autonomous companies, run by AI — you’ll be able to ask your AI assistant to ‘start and operate an ecommerce business’.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Making it work, and making it fast! Contacts at OpenAI and/or Azure could help.

Who has helped you most in your journey so far? 

It may sound corny, but Steve Jobs has influenced me most. His message of prioritising impact and fulfilling one’s creative potential over making money, keeping things simple, and being relentlessly uncompromising on quality seems timeless to me.

What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice: convenience always wins. Worst advice: anything written in The Lean Startup.

What tech would you not be able to do without? 

Apart from my own product?! The to-do app, Things — my life runs on it.

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