Founders Forum New York 2022 | Executive Summary

By Marco De Novellis // 7 November 2022

Read our key takeaways from FFNY 2022 as top founders, investors & inspirational speakers discussed topics ranging from web3 and NFTs to biomanufacturing and the future of food.

Why did Justin Bieber pay $1.3m for a Bored Ape NFT? Can cutting-edge longevity research really help extend our lives?

At our special 10th anniversary edition of Founders Forum New York, 350+ trailblazers from over 20 countries and 50 industries – including 25 unicorn founders – discussed the latest cutting-edge technology trends over a packed schedule of thought-provoking conversations, panel discussions, and fireside chats.

We heard Will Hurd (Open AI and former US Congressman) and Jack Hidary (Sandbox) talk geopolitics and tech, Deepak Chopra (Chopra Foundation) predict the future of medicine, and former NBA All-Star, Baron Davis, discuss sports in the metaverse.

Top founders, Rishi Khosla (OakNorth), Gary Hoberman (Unqork), and Kathryn Petralia (Kabbage) explained how to navigate economic headwinds, while Dev Ittycheria (MongoDB) and Nadav Shoval (Open Web) revealed how to scale a business to $1b in revenue.

Plus, we heard Elizabeth Cutler (Soulcycle/Peoplehood), Emad Mostaque (, Jacqueline Novogratz (Acumen), Nicole Muniz (Yuga Labs/Bored Ape Yacht Club), Steve Swartz (Hearst CEO), and many more inspirational founders, investors, and corporate leaders share their stories.

From our Executive Summary, you’ll…

  • Read about the key trends shaping the future of tech, covering geopolitics, web3, biotech, longevity, and more.
  • Hear what the brightest minds in North American and European tech predict for the future of their industries.
  • Discover our Rising Stars & Disruptors – high-potential founders whose startup ideas have world-changing potential!

Read our FFNY 2022 Executive Summary