New Podcast Series: NOW, THEN, TEN

By Founders Forum Group // 24 February 2021

Introducing Now Then Ten, a new podcast series celebrating the power of communities and the driving forces behind them. In this series, Brent Hoberman, Co-founder & Chair of Founders Forum is joined by Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to speak with today’s visionary leaders shaping some of the world’s most influential communities, missions and movements. 

Today’s Episode: Scott Harrison, Co-Founder & CEO of Charity: Water

This week, Scott shares the importance of Charity: Water’s mission to ‘end the global water crisis in our lifetime’ and how he’s taking a radical approach to do so. Charity: Water adopts the 100% model so that all public donations directly fund water projects, thanks to the generosity of The Spring. 

With the help of more than 1 million donors worldwide, Charity: Water has raised over $496 million and funded over 60,000 water projects and counting. 

In this episode, Scott recalls a moment while on a trip to Ethiopia with Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, where the idea for ‘The Spring’ was born, inspired by the success of the music subscription service to build a purpose-driven community of monthly donors. 

Year after year, Charity:Water’s commitment to transparency has inspired support from passionate donors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, celebrities and global brands who all believe that clean water truly changes everything.

When asked about Charity:Water’s future ambitions in the next ‘Ten’, Scott’s fervour to embrace new technologies is undeniable.  

“I’m really excited about a retail concept that we’re working on. We have been working on a giving store, which would involve virtual reality and augmented reality. You would come in, but you wouldn’t buy anything. Instead, you’ll leave a member of The Spring community and learn about the water crisis. We’re thinking about New York and London and a couple of other cities to pilot this concept in 2022.”

Listen to the full episode with Scott Harrison – available on all platforms. 

About Now Then Ten 

In each episode, guests will explore the Now – the current landscape of the communities they have built, the Then – a past movement or person from history who has inspired them and finally the Ten – ten years from now, what do they hope their communities will look like?

Next Week’s Episode Features:
Richard Curtis CBE, screenwriter producer, and co-founder of Comic Relief, Project Everyone, and a founding member behind the movement to Make Poverty History and Make My Money Matter. Today Richard Curtis is a UN Advocate for the SDGs, calling the next generation of activists to arms.

Now Then Ten launched on February 17th and is available on all podcast platforms.