A Founders Guide: Routes To Exit

By Founders Forum Group // 24 September 2021

Founders Forum Routes to Exit Report

UiPath. Wise. Vertical Aerospace. Trustpilot. Cazoo. Darktrace. These are just a few of Europe’s pioneering tech companies that hit the public markets in 2021. And with more than 100 European unicorns, more will soon follow.

But founders can choose from a liquidity menu that is broader than ever: direct listings and SPACs sit alongside traditional IPOs, and then there is the question of where to list.

In association with our partners at the London Stock Exchange Group, M12, and Silicon Valley Bank, Founders Forum turned to its network of founders, investors and advisors to learn more about the liquidity landscape, and where it is headed next.

Featuring insights from Alex Chesterman, Arnaud Massenet, Christian Angermayer, Klaus Hommels, Peter Holten Mühlmann, Poppy Gustaffson, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Taavet Hinrikus, and many more.