UK Angels 100 | The Most Active UK Angel Investors

By Founders Forum Group // 12 April 2023

With our UK Angels 100 report, we reveal the UK’s most active angel investors and give you the inside scoop on raising investment.

Our Founders Forum UK Angels 100 report highlights the 100 most active angel investors in UK companies, and the industries and startups they’re investing in.

Angels often operate in close, private communities, making fundraising difficult for early-stage founders without access to information and networks.

Published in partnership with Beauhurst and Founders Factory, our report lifts the veil on UK angel investing, providing founders with the tools, guidance, and the knowledge they need to help them find funding for their businesses. 

Who are the UK’s most active angel investors? Almost half are current or former founders. They invest most in AI, B2B SaaS, deep tech, and fintech, as well as food, beer, wine, and pets. The vast majority are white men – angel investing has a diversity problem that we need to solve.

Through a series of exclusive interviews with leading UK angels and founders, we tackle the diversity issue in angel investing, share fundraising tips from top investors, and explore the uniquely special, founder-angel relationship.

From our UK Angels 100 report, you’ll…

  • Get access to our list of the 100 most active angel investors in the UK!
  • Read exclusive interviews with top angels and founders including Andy Phillipps (, Pam Garside (Cambridge Angels), Timothy Armoo (Fanbytes), Tom Blomfield (Monzo) & more!
  • Learn how to raise angel investment with Founders Factory’s guide for founders.
  • Discover what angels look for, how to find them, and how we can tackle angel investing’s diversity problem.

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