Asia Tech Trends 2023 | Key Takeaways From Founders Forum Asia

By Founders Forum Group // 11 May 2023

Our Asia Tech Trends 2023 report reveals the trends shaping the region’s future, from climate tech to generative AI.

By 2025, Southeast Asia’s digital economy will be worth $330b, Generation Z will make up a quarter of the population, and India will be home to 250 unicorns. 

So what’s driving Asia’s standout growth? At FF Asia 2023, leading tech startup founders shared their insider insights on the trends shaping the region’s future.

We heard founders share their personal stories of global expansion, $100m+ fundraising rounds, and turbo-charged, product-led growth. 

We learned about fintech’s next evolution, exciting innovations in ecommerce, and how founders are building brand new business models with ChatGPT. 

And we got the inside story of the eleventh hour deal between SVB UK and HSBC.

What are the trends shaping the future of Asia tech?

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