ClimateTech 2023 | Europe’s Next Chapter

By Founders Forum Group // 4 July 2023

What must Europe do more to encourage innovation in climate tech? Find out in our future of European climate tech report.

When President Biden announced the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) late last year, every climate tech founder’s gaze turned to the United States. 

The $369b mega-package of subsidies and tax breaks for climate-friendly investments has already convinced two of Europe’s biggest climate tech companies – Climeworks and Northvolt – to expand to the US.

So what’s the current state of European climate tech? And how can Europe remain an attractive destination for climate tech founders?

In ClimateTech: Europe’s Next Chapter, published in partnership with 2150, Dealroom, and London Tech Week, we bring together the continent’s leading founders to issue a call to action for governments and legislators, outlining the key changes we need to encourage innovation in European climate tech.

From our European climate tech report, you’ll…

  • Read our 10-step action plan for change from Europe’s leading climate tech founders.
  • Get access to the latest data covering investment trends, recent raises, and most active investors.
  • Read exclusive interviews with Antoine Hubert (Ÿnsect), Christoph Gebald (Climeworks), Greg Jackson (Octopus Energy), Linnéa Kornehed Falck (Einride), Miroslava Duma (Pangaia), Stephen Fitzpatrick (OVO Energy / Vertical Aerospace), and more!
  • Learn what top climate tech investors are looking for and how to raise VC money.
  • Discover the European climate tech startups to watch in 2023.

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