FF Europe 2023 | Executive Summary

By Founders Forum Group // 30 October 2023

What’s next for European tech? Read our key takeaways from FF Europe 2023.

Our second annual edition of FF Europe in Berlin brought together the best of European tech in one of the continent’s leading startup hubs.

Over 200 inspirational founders, VC investors, and corporate leaders discussed the latest tech trends transforming Europe and the world, from generative AI to rejuvenation biotech to quantum computing.

We learned about longevity drugs that could cure cancer, more European companies building their own LLMs, and how quantum will disrupt industries and supercharge traditional AI.

We heard how Europe must find a new way forward and definition for success, prioritising value and impact over pure returns. And our Rising Stars pitched their disruptive startup ideas with world-changing potential.

So what’s next for European tech? Over the course of the day, five standout themes emerged:

  • Unlocking Europe’s Potential. Success Beyond Returns.
  • AI Advantage. Staying Competitive in the Age of AI.
  • Climate. Pricing Carbon and Accelerating Climate Tech.
  • Health & Education. Driving Change.
  • Quantum Future. Bridging the Quantum Gap.

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